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>Georgia Woodworking Get Together!

>Last night while listening to Wood Talk Online I noticed that there were a lot of woodworkers in the chat room from the Atlanta area.  Someone brought up that we should all try and get together, so I volunteered to see if I could put something in place.  I have had several e-mails from woodworkers interested and thought this would be a great opportunity for fellow woodworkers to share experiences with those close by.  If anyone is interested leave a comment or you can e-mail me at

For now there is no real plan other than just getting together and see where it goes.  If anyone has any ideas or even needs that this could fill, let me know. 

Chris Adkins

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>Giveaway winner!


As yesterday was the deadline for the giveaway sponsored by Highland Woodworking for the 1/2″ Wood Slicer blade, I just want to thank everyone that stopped by the site and posted a comment or sent in pictures of their work. I am pleased to announce that Jim is the winner of this month’s drawing and will be receiving the Wood Slicer blade. Thanks Jim for sending the picture of your curio cabinet!

I also want to thank the great people over a Highland Woodworking for there support and sponsoring this giveaway. 

Highland Woodworking - Fine Tools Since 1978

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>Woodworking Poll Results

>Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who participated in the woodworking poll, “how did you first learn woodworking?”  Below are the final results.  It is interesting for me to see the results and will post another question soon, if you have any suggestions send my an e-mail or comment here with your own question to poll and I will put it up.  Thanks again!

How did you first learn woodworking?
Family 37%
Books 22%
Internet 29%
Work 4%
Trial and Error 45%

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>Monthly Giveaway!

>Highland Woodworking - Fine Tools Since 1978

Great news!  I just spoke with Chris with Highland Woodworking and he is being very generous in supporting the site by providing a 1/2″ Wood Slicer blade to the winner of our new monthly giveaway.  To enter just leave a comment on the site or email me a picture of one of your projects and a discription that I will post.  The winner will be randomly chosen and the more times you post the better your chances of winning. The winner will be picked on June 15th so start posting now!


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