>Monthly Giveaway!

>Highland Woodworking - Fine Tools Since 1978

Great news!  I just spoke with Chris with Highland Woodworking and he is being very generous in supporting the site by providing a 1/2″ Wood Slicer blade to the winner of our new monthly giveaway.  To enter just leave a comment on the site or email me a picture of one of your projects and a discription that I will post.  The winner will be randomly chosen and the more times you post the better your chances of winning. The winner will be picked on June 15th so start posting now!  




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8 responses to “>Monthly Giveaway!

  1. >I just found this site through WoodNet Forums. It looks great and has some good info. Winning my favorite saw balde would be nice too

  2. >Welcome to HRWW! Thanks for the comment and coming by the site. I try and post often so keep coming by. And good luck in the drawing! Highland Woodworking is great to help out, if you have never been to there site click on the add, they are great!Chris

  3. Ed

    >This saw blade would be great to have in the shop.

  4. >Thanks for the comment Ed and goodluck.

  5. >Nice site. Hope to have a chance at a new blade. I've realized I need to get a new (and more importantly better) blade.Thanks,

  6. >I find this site to be very interesting and educational, keep up the good work…Jim

  7. >Thanks for the comments guys and good luck. I do this site for fun and it is great when people come by and leave their thoughts.

  8. >I saw the announcement of the contest on Lumberjocks. I need to order a new blade, but I can wait a few days to see if I win!! Nice info again. Robert

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